Ranch and Livestock

Polypay Sheep

Jumping Pound Ranch specializes in raising purebred Polypay Sheep. This breed was developed in the late 1960s in Iowa, USA. It is defined as “Poly” meaning that it is made up of lineage from four different breeds: Finsheep, Dorsets, Targhees and Rambouillets. Polypay sheep are a well-rounded breed as they both produce quality lambs, quality wool and are highly prolific. Our goal is to produce high quality lambs and continually improve on our purebred Polypay genetics in order to provide quality breeding stock for sheep farmers across North America. For more information on purchasing lambs for market, or lambs for breeding stock please reach out to Clarence.


After our son named our rooster Charlie, we have lovingly named our chickens, Charlie and his angels. Our brood of hens is made up of Rhode Island Reds and Brown Lohmanns, who produce delicious farm fresh eggs daily.

If you are interested in purchasing farm fresh eggs, please contact Karli for more details.


Livestock Guardian Dogs

Shep and Sheba arrived at the ranch in July 2021 from an amazing farm down near Fort MacLeod, AB and have truly become part of the family. They take great pride in protecting the animals and humans that live on the ranch. They are incredibly docile and sweet with the little humans and tiny kittens of the ranch, and can often be found escorting our toddler around when he heads out after dinner to help dad on the ranch. At night they are on high alert and constantly chasing out coyotes.

Shep and Sheba produce a litter of pups each year, and we will be rehoming them to other farm, ranch and acreage families looking for a fantastic guardian dog. Shep is a 50/50 Maremma/Great Pyrenees cross and Sheba is a purebred Great Pyrenees. All pups will be well socialized with children, other dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and pigs. For information about purchasing one of our livestock pups, please get in touch with Karli.