Our Story

The Ranch

Aptly named for the beautiful creek that runs through it, the Jumping Pound Ranch is a 400-acre ranch located 30 minutes west of Calgary, AB. This land, which was originally purchased by Clarence’s great grandfather, Richard Copithorne, has since been passed down through his grandfather and mother and is just up the creek from the original Jumping Pound Copithorne homestead. We couldn’t be more proud to start the Jumping Pound Ranch to continue this ranching legacy, but with a little twist!

Nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, it has a gorgeous combination of rolling vistas, beautiful mountain views, and peaceful creek landscapes. The ranch’s main livestock is polypay sheep and chickens. The property features a beautiful outdoor wedding venue location, and in summer 2022 will have glamping tents available to rent. Whether it’s for a wedding, as a patron in one of our glamping tents, or just coming to say hi and check out our adorable lambs, we cannot wait to welcome you to the Jumping Pound Ranch.


A 4th generation ranch owner and operator, Clarence and Karli Paterson proudly call Jumping Pound Ranch their home.

Sustainable Ranching

Continuously improving our grazing and manure management to create the most sustainable ranch possible.

Polypay Sheep

Developed in the late ’60s in Iowa, USA polypay sheep are well-rounded as they produce quality lambs and wool and are highly prolific.

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Shep and Sheba are our docile and sweet LGDs. They have a litter of puppies every year!


We call our chickens Charlie and his angels. Made up of Rhode Island Reds and Brown Lohmans, they happily produce fresh eggs daily.

Wedding and Events

An extremely private and unique ranch wedding experience.A place for togetherness.

The Paterson Family

Clarence Paterson comes from a long line of ranchers and after a decade in the oil and gas industry, he decided to start a ranch of his own. Clarence is the 4th generation to own and operate a ranch on this property, and he is so proud to continue the legacy. Clarence married his wife Karli, on this very property, 5 years ago, and they have since had two beautiful sons. Karli comes from a sports and entertainment background, and has always had the dream of owning a wedding venue. With this property, it has allowed Clarence and Karli’s individual dreams to collide to create the Jumping Pound Ranch.